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Your Children May Inherit Spinal Weakness

Your children  inherit  many  physical characteristics  and  traits  from  you  including  strengths  and  weaknesses  of  their spinal  columns.

Your children inherit many physical characteristics and traits from you including strengths and weaknesses of their spinal columns.

Your children  inherit  many  physical characteristics  and  traits  from  you  including  strengths  and  weaknesses  of  their spinal  columns. Just  as  the  shape  of  their noses,  color  of  their  eyes,  curly  hair  or skeletal  frames  can  be  inherited,  so  can curvatures  or  weak  areas  in  their  spines. This  is  evident  in  all  of  Nature  …  red Winesap  apple  seeds  produce  trees  that bear  only  red  Winesap  apples;  round watermelons’  seeds  produce  vines  which bear round watermelons.


Your children  may  have  a  tendency to inherit the same or corresponding problems,  just  as  you  may  have  similarly  inherited  your  spinal  weaknesses  from  your parents  …  or  the  accumulated  weaknesses of  several  generations.  Ask  yourself  these questions:  what  illnesses  did  my  own parents  or  grandparents  have?  How long did they live?  The  answers  may  very  well furnish  clues  to  your  and  your  children’s present-day strengths and/or weaknesses.

If you suffer from attacks  of headaches, backaches, nervousness, shoulder  pains,  leg  or  arm  aches,  bursitis, constipation, stomach trouble … or any of a much longer list of common physical com­ plaints  …  your  own  children  may  certainly be subject to these same disease conditions. Natural  parental  concern  compels  you  to prevent  your  children  from  experiencing  the  same  distressing  health  problems  you have known.


As chiropractic has  grown, it  has continued  to  place  greater  emphasis  on  the PREVENTION  of  spinal  problems  which can,  in  turn,  cause  any  number  of  other health  problems  due  to  spinal  nerve pressure.  When is the prevention most effective?  In the formative years!  A regular spinal examination at last once a year during your child’s growing years is one of the best physical health insurance procedures you can obtain for him. If chiropractic corrective  adjustments  are  indicated,  you  will have  the  great  satisfaction  of  knowing  that you  have  taken  the  proper  steps  to  assure your child of a healthy body, and, therefore, a  nervous  system  free  from  nerve  pressure or  irritation.  Many serious health conditions in youth, as well as later in life, can be prevented by this precautionary procedure. Remember, “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree!”


As professionals of the natural science  of  chiropractic,  we  conscientiously  recommend  that  you  include  regular  spinal  ex­ aminations  in  your  children’s  health schedules. You will be rewarded as you see the  benefits  from  this  regular  analysis  as your  children  develop  normal,  well- balanced,  healthy  spines,  nervous  systems and bodies.

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