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Your Body Has A Defense Mechanism

Built-In Defense

Health research has been carried on for many years and continues relentlessly, in the quest for better public health.

One discovery tells us that our bodies are designed and built to protect themselves , each human body having its own built-in defense mechanism.  This mechanism might be called resistance and, of course, we do know that if a body is in good robust health it is highly resistant to disease.  When body tissues are healthy, bacteria and germs are virtually harmless in fact, investigations have shown that bacteria of several diseases inactive, in the tissues of healthy bodies.

Keeping Resistance High

As long as body resistance is maintained high, through consistant robust health, disease finds it difficult to gain a foothold.  However, when body resistance is allowed to drop, bacteria seizes the opportunity to grow rapidly, and to manufacture harmful toxins within the body.  Reaction to this development is indicated with a fever, and other changes fighting to desroy the growth of bacteria.  This process is a signal that the bodies defense mechanism is at work fighting the invasion of bacteria, bringing about certain changes in the blood, increasing the production of leucocytes and other anti-bodies.

When the flow of energy over the nerve system is reduced or interrupted the health of body tissues or the normal function of a body organ is affected.  When this occurs bacteria has an opportunity to invade, take over and grow.

How We Can Help

Chiropractors are well trained in the mechanics of the body with special emphasis on the spine and nerve system.  These Doctors have unique abilities in helping your body maintain its own built-in defense mechanism and, in turn, your ability to sustain radiant health.

Dr. Miller is a highly trained specialist in locating these misaligned vertebrae in the spine and correcting them with a spinal adjustment.  When the pressure has been removed from the nerve line, the supply of nerve energy is restored and the bodies health begins to restore itself promptly.

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