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Why X-rays?

x-rays are sometimes used at Waterford’s “Top” Chiropractor

Rather than lying down our x-rays are taken in a weight-bearing gravitational position

X-rays are taken for several reasons

These include:

  • To determine the condition of the discs (the cushions between the vertebrae in your spine)
  • To determine the phases of degeneration
  • To locate potential problem areas, misalignments (subluxations)
  • To rule out other pathologies (diseases)
  • Confirm other examination findings
  • Show a history of spinal stress / trauma
  • Make your adjustments more precise
  • Record structural and functional progress

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Today, the chiropractic profession is a leader in the reduction of X-ray exposure and patient safety.

  • Only the most necessary views are taken
  • Use of the most up to date equipment
  • Intensification screens reduce energy used
  • Filtration removes unneeded frequencies
  • Collimation narrows the energy beam
  • Sensitive films shorten exposure time
  • Shielding & wedging protects sensitive body parts
  • Equipment is regularly inspected
  • High speed films
  • Years of experience

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