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"When Will I Be Well Again?"

dr-larry-miller-03_1Since each case is unique, this is a difficult question to answer. We have undoubtedly treated numerous cases similar to yours and will be able to estimate a reasonable time to expect results; however, we cannot give a definite period.

Frequently, a patient believes that being well is feeling free of the symptoms which brought him to the doctor’s office, it is not uncommon for a patient to have experienced these symptoms for days, weeks, or even years before coming to our clinic. Usually he will have tried drugs, surgery, or some other therapies prior to seeking Chiropractic care. After these have failed, the patient turns to Chiropractic as a last resort. In our office, we give complete computerized scan of your spine and radiological examinations, information from these exams is analyzed and a period of care is recommended.

This period is based on our past experience with similar cases, and will vary with the needs of the individual. Symptomatic relief often occurs within a short period of time and the patient will be able to return to his normal life style, usually with increased vigor. This, however, is not the state of “being well,” but rather a point in the corrective process at which the body is not expressing itself through pain, fatigue, numbness or some other symptom.

Adjustments are still necessary to return the spine to a state of “ease,” where proper nerve force can flow and symptoms will not return at some future date. How long it will take to reach the goal of good health depends on many factors including weight, age, duration of the condition, type of employment, living habits and most important the patient’s willingness to cooperate. When a program of treatment has been designed for a patient it takes into consideration these various factors, and patient’s other needs. Sometimes complications may exist which require long periods for best results, however, these are not common. Our office is dedicated to providing the best health care possible to all patients.

We will give 100% of ourselves to the patient; however, this is not easy if the patient does not give 100% to his own health needs. Remember that time is the friend of disease, if you wait too long the problem will be more difficult to treat. With Chiropractic care and your cooperation the cause of your problem can be removed and you will be well again. “Your body is God’s gift to you, how you take care of your body is your gift to Him.”   Call 248-674-7300

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