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What Causes Illness?

And what causes disease? Were some of us just born to be sick while others spend their entire lives healthy? Of course not! We can reach and maintain our highest state of health by understanding the cause of our illnesses.

And what causes disease? Were some of us just born to be sick while others spend their entire lives healthy?

Think of germs as seeds and our body as the soil. Many people mistakenly believe the cause of disease is from the seed, or a germ.  Dr.  B.J. Palmer, the father of chiropractic, once said “If the ‘germ theory of disease’ were correct, there’d be no one living to believe it.” Our own sense tells us this is true because there are agents of disease all around us, such as viruses and bacteria, but they cannot affect us unless we are susceptible.

As long as our body, or the soil, is attuned to the natural flow of life and therefore having a strong resistance, good health is the only thing that can occur. We see this truth in the words of Claude Bernard: “Illnesses hover constantly above us, their seeds blown by the wind, but they do not set in the terrain unless the terrain is ready to receive them.”

Chiropractic is a science that uses the natural, inherent power of the body to maintain good health. When our body is in line with the natural flow of life, we express it at our fullest potential.  When interferences occur, our health becomes hindered and our body is more susceptible to disease.  A common interference in the nervous system is from vertebral subluxations.

Vertebral subluxations impair normal nerve transmission, thus lowering the body’s resistance, making it susceptible to disease. Chiropractors are doctors who are specifically trained to analyze the spine and correct subluxations, restoring and maintaining the true health we always were and are meant to enjoy.

Chiropractors agree that germs are part of the disease syndrome, but they are not the direct cause of disease. A person must first be susceptible to the germ to be affected. We were all born with the ability to live happy, healthy lives.   We need to fertilize our “soil” with the richness of health with regular chiropractic care to increase the body’s ability to ward off disease.

Chiropractors offer a solution to your health problems!

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