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What are Pinched Nerves and what are they caused by?

Pinched nerves often start at birth and continue thru the years unless corrected by a chiropractor.

Pinched nerves often start at birth and continue thru the years unless corrected by a chiropractor.

Vertebral subluxation is not exactly a household word. The average person is familiar with words like cancer, arthritis, stroke, etc., but the silent killer is virtually unknown to most people. Let’s take a look at the term vertebral subluxation. If  we  break  the  term  down  we get  vertebra  which  is  a  spinal  bone.  Subluxation broken  down  gives  us  Sub-  meaning  less  than,  and luxation-  meaning  dislocation.  In other words, one of the spinal bones has slipped out of place resulting in a pinched nerve or nerves. This is sometimes improperly referred to as a slipped disc.

The significance  of  the  vertebral  subluxation  (pinched nerve)  or  fixation  is  that  it  produces  neuronal  disturbance  (interference  with  the  life  force  flowing  over the  nerves).  This  nerve  interference  disrupts  the control  of  body  processes  and  produces  incoordination in tissues, organs and glandular function. Nerves are  directly  and  indirectly  in  control  of  all  body processes;  interference  with  the  life  messages  over nerves may cause illness in any part of the body.

Quite often  you  are  totally  unaware  of  subluxation taking  place.  Babies often suffer pinched nerves at birth without the mother or Doctor being aware of it. The neck is twisted, forceps are used, and labor is difficult. These and other factors cause a newborn’s vertebrae to misalign.

A slap on the back, tripping on the edge of a carpet, etc., often  cause  discomfort  for  a  short  time  and  are dismissed  a  ‘nothing  to  worry  about’.  A subluxation has taken place — ignored — perhaps to show up for months or even years later as dis-ease.

Less obvious subluxations causes are trauma, fear and drugs. Drugs  causing  depressions  of  nerves;  fear  and trauma  causing  tension  —  thus  inviting  vertebrae  to misalign.

Car accidents cause a large portion of subluxations — including the so called “fender benders”.The  body  is jarred  and/or  startled  to  an  extent  where  nerves become pinched.

Never dismiss any kind of accident — Get it checked immediately by us to prevent any chance of later problems.

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