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The Answer to That Run-Down Feeling

When were

When were “run down” it’s a symptom that, our nervous systems need “adjusting.

We often unconsciously compare our own body mechanism to that of a watch. You’ll hear people say: “I’m run down…”    Why not carry the analogy one step further?  When a watch is run down and doesn’t work right, we have it adjusted.  We can do the same for the body through chiropractic adjustments.

The result in both cases is the same. The watch and the body are both made up of hundreds of tiny parts, all of which must be meshed together in perfect coordination and balance, and with nothing to impede the flow of vital energy.  The mainspring of all our actions conscious and unconscious, our system of interlocking gears, to transmit vital impulses from the brain, is our spinal cord.

Shock, fatigue, a fall — anyone of a hundred causes can throw the spine off balance — interfere with proper channeling of nerve impulses from the brain to the other organs of the body. When were “run down” it’s a symptom that, like our watches, we need “adjusting.” The chiropractor corrects the distortion that has altered or obstructed the proper channeling of nerve impulses, restores the body to the desired equilibrium.

So to avoid that run down feeling, visit Dr. Miller to keep that happy healthy feeling.

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