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The Absence of Symptoms!

Spinal subluxations can occur many times without pain or obvious symptoms.

Spinal subluxations can occur many times without pain or obvious symptoms.

Regardless of the injury, your body naturally strives for the best balance it can achieve. That’s why your body “over-adapts” to an injury, sometimes to the point of further damage. You can suffer from an injury, and the pain eventually goes away. Your body has done its best to adapt.

The adaptive process has led you to believe that everything is okay when, in fact, it’s not! Many of us have had old injuries come back to haunt us years later…well, that’s what we’re talking about here.

You may feel great for days, months, and even years after an injury occurs. But if the injury did not heal completely or correctly, you can count on problems later on in life. Also though you may have no symptoms at present, you can still have what is called a subluxation. Spinal subluxations can occur many times without pain.

When one spinal joint doesn’t move properly, the mechanics of the nearby vertebrae are also affected. Eventually, that section of your spine may become very immobile-and you can be sure that won’t go unnoticed! By the time you experience pain, structural problems-such as thinning discs or irreversible arthritic changes may have already set in. Even a small amount of pressure on the nerve root can cause pain. Chiropractic helps restore healthy nerve communication.

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