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Symptoms … Are The Warning Signs From Your Body To You!

Because of our hectic schedules, many times we have a tendency to take our  health  for  granted  and  ignore  or  cover  up  with  medicines, warning signs (symptoms) mat are produced by the body lo let us know that a problem exists.

Symptoms … Are The Warning Signs From Your Body To You!

Symptoms … Are The Warning Signs From Your Body To You!

Generation after generation we have been taught that symptoms are “the bad guys” and the thing to do when they are present, is to take something to get rid of them.  Every year in this country we spend millions of dollars trying to get rid of symptoms and yet each and every year our people get sicker and sicker.  Sometimes without even knowing it.

Do you  really  believe  that  we  are  born  onto  this  earth  to  go through  life  getting  progressively  sicker  as  we  go,  only  to  end  up  a senior citizen so riddled with sickness and disease that we use the rest of our time spending the fruits of our labors trying to buy back that which we had in the beginning, our HEALTH.

I hope by now you are asking yourself why? The answer is quite simple. Those  symptoms  that  we’ve  been  talking  about  are  not  your problem at all. The real problem that you should be concerned about is what is causing those symptoms.  When that cause is found and corrected the symptoms disappear, because they are no longer necessary.

This is what we do for you. Our day is spent locating the cause of those symptoms and correcting it Thereby assisting the body to regain your health. As  many  of  you  have  heard  me  say,  “There  are.  no incurable diseases known to the body, but there are incurable patients.” These  are  the  people  who  continue  to  ignore  signs  (symptoms)  of failing health for so long that by the time they act, perhaps it’s too late. I hope you will not allow you or your family to fall into that category.

Yes, our health is truly our most precious gift. I ask that you take a little time during this year to maintain and preserve it

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