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Subluxations are serious, yet go undetected in millions. The result? People you know and love are living their lives comprised by the obvious, but sometimes living with the subtle effects of reduced nerve function.ghyt

“When spinal bones get ‘stuck’ and don’t move right, they can irritate or ‘chafe’ delicate nearby nerves,” says Dr. Larry Miller. “If a joint moves too much, spinal bones can press against adjacent nerve tissue. This can interfere with the vital ‘life force’ transmitted over your nervous system that controls and regulates every bodily function.”

“Many people don’t see the connection between a healthy nervous system and good health,” observes Dr. Larry Miller. “With the emphasis our culture places on the quality of blood, the role of the nervous system is overlooked.”

More than bones and nerves are involved. Muscles can become too tight or too weak. Discs, ligaments, and other connective tissues can become inflamed. Bone spurs and arthritic degeneration can set in.  All this without obvious symptoms. That makes subluxations serious!

Chiropractors are the only licensed health care professionals dedicated to the detection, reduction and prevention of vertebral subluxations. Urge those you love to have their nervous systems checked today. Just call (248) 674-7300.

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