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Seven Perks of Exercise

There are many benefits to regular exercise.  Start getting some of those benefits today.

There are many benefits to regular exercise. Start getting some of those benefits today.

It Wakes You Up. If you feel too tired to do anything after a day of work, you can increase your endurance and energy by spending just 20 minutes two or three times a week in some form of exercise.

It Makes You Smile. Reach for the sneakers instead of a Snickers when you’re feeling depressed, anxious or angry. A study from Duke University shows that short bouts of strenuous exercise (8 to 10 minutes) can dramatically reduce negative feelings. Exercise releases brain chemicals known as endorphins, which naturally make you feel good.

It Enhances Your Libido. Researchers don’t fully understand why exercise improves sexual desire and well-being, but it does.

It Helps Prevent Cancer. Sustained exercise seems to be a key in cancer prevention. Research continues to confirm that exercise reduces the risk of developing cancer. Exactly how exercise lowers cancer rates is still unknown, but researchers theorize that it may boost the immune system’s ability to detect and kill cancer cells.

It Soothes Arthritic Joints. Stretching, range of motion exercises and swimming all help reduce pain and maintain joint mobility.  Strength training builds muscles and keeps joints mobile.

It Keeps You Young. As we grow older, our bodies manufacture less human growth hormone (HGH), a substance that improves our immune system, builds muscles, burns fat and contributes to our general feeling of well-being. Exercise, especially lower body workouts with weights can help slow down age-related decline by stimulating the production of HGH.

It “Knocks You Out.” Walking and low-impact aerobics can help you sleep.  A recent study by the University of Arizona, Tucson, found fewer sleep disorders among young men and women who took aerobics classes or who briskly walked at least six blocks a day.

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