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Roadblock to your Health

Many persons have called the relief of pain and other ailments they have received, through regular chiropractic health care, a miracle.

In fact, if you sit in Dr. Larry Miller’s waiting room for any length of time you will hear testimonials from patients on how the doctor has cured everything from hiccups to heart disease. The truth is that any chiropractor who is “worth his salt” cannot and will not accept any credit for curing the patients’ sicknesses.  A disease is “cured”  when  the  vital nerve impulses flow freely from the brain to all parts  of  the  body, thereby  allowing the body to heal itself! That is the miracle.

The body can function properly and will be healthy if its nerve channels are free and unobstructed.

The body can function properly and will be healthy if its nerve channels are free and unobstructed.

That brings us to the chiropractic principle.

Life exists in the human body and uses the brain as its headquarters and power plant. The  brain generates  powerful  life-giving energy  sending  it  down  the  spinal cord, which is housed by the spinal column or backbone, and out the spinal nerves to all parts of the body. These  life-giving  nerve  impulses supply  the  energy  required  by  the body  to  carry  on  its  normal  functional activities.

The body can function properly and will be healthy if its nerve channels are free and unobstructed. However, if the flow of this powerful, intelligent nerve force is altered, either  in quantity or quality, by physical obstruction  interference, disharmony, imperfection and disease are the inevitable results.

Nerve interference is caused when one or  more of the 24 movable vertebrae in the spine becomes thrown out of its normal alignment in relation to the vertebra above and below,  putting  pressure  on  the nerves that exit through openings in the  vertebrae,  or  directly  on  the spinal  cord.  This misalignment is known as a subluxation and is the main source of disease in the human body.

The causes of subluxations are many. Any sudden jar or jerk of the spine can cause nerve interference. Even simple nervous tensions can twist and contort the spine, causing interrupted flow of nerve energy. It is necessary  for  a  chiropractor  to locate  and  eliminate  these  subluxations  of  the  spinal  column  to allow  the  life  force  to  flow unobstructed  to  every  part  of  the body. When this happens, the body will return to a state of good health.

A Dr. Miller corrects subluxations by exerting gentle pressure on the misaligned bones, causing them to return to their normal position.  This exerting of pressure, by hand only, is spinal adjustment.

While other forms of therapies strive to cover up and treat symptoms such as pain, chiropractic attacks   the   cause  of  sickness and disease. Pain is the body’s way of letting us know that all is not well. It is a signal that there is a roadblock somewhere  between  the  brain  and the body a restriction of the flow of the vital  life force that is required for all parts of the body to function normally.  Drugs do absolutely nothing to eliminate the cause of disease.

So, if  you  are  about  to  give  up hope  and  accept  pain  as  a  normal condition, consult with Waterford Chiropractor Dr. Larry Miller to get on your road to recovery and good health.

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