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Reaffirm Your Faith in the Body's Healing Power

Keep this power flowing unobstructed throughout our bodies so you can enjoy the healthiest and happiest year that you have ever experienced!

Significant numbers of people share the idea the human body is poorly constructed, vulnerable to harmful enemies from within as well as without, and in danger of falling apart at any moment. There’s no doubt that our society has been conditioned to “think sick.” We have been led to believe that good health can be bought from the corner store in the form of little white pills or pretty red and green medicines.

We have been taught that when our tonsils or appendix begins to cause us discomfort, it’s time to have them cut out. Those of us who understand chiropractic health care can only scoff at this type of thinking. We know that good health comes from the inside out — not the outside in, with the help of pills, potions, and lotions. We know that if the life-giving energy is allowed to flow freely from the brain to all parts of the body, vibrant health will be ours. This same Intelligence that brings life to the human body also causes flowers to grow in the spring.   Turns the light of day into the darkness of night, and transforms a tiny acorn into a mighty oak. This Intelligence has also equipped man with the means to fight off disease.  As long as the vital life energy is allowed to flow freely throughout the body, we will enjoy good health.

We know if the bones of your spinal column become misaligned. Undue pressure is put on delicate nerve trunks that distribute nerve impulses to every organ, tissue, and cell in our bodies. Sickness and disease are the inevitable results unless these misalignments are located and removed by the skilled hands of Dr. Miller. When this happens, the normal flow of nerve energy will resume, and the recuperative power of the body will restore it to health.

Drugs and medicines do absolutely nothing to rid the body of misalignments known as subluxation. Drugs interfere with the health-restoring power of the body by adding foreign substances to the bloodstream. Let us reaffirm our faith in this beautiful rejuvenating power that we all possess. Let us resolve to keep this power flowing unobstructed throughout our bodies by receiving regular chiropractic check-ups and adjustments. If you do this, the Intelligence that created your body will permit you to enjoy possibly the healthiest and happiest year that you have ever experienced!

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