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Waterford’s “Top” Chiropractor Reviews

Here’s what our clients are saying…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Waterford’s “Top” Chiropractor patient testimonials below.

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Thank you for Taking Away the Pain

Dr. Larry and B.J. both were friendly and made me feel comfortable, I am happy with my decision to come to Dr. Miller. Thank you for taking away the pain.

– Veronica H.

Took Away my Pain

I hurt my back at work and Dr. Miller took away my pain from the first 2 sections recommended 100% excellent service and excellent treatment… Thank you, Dr. Miller.

– Maria V.

Immediate and Measurable Relief

My prior chiropractor retired. I had stopped going to see him prior to that as the final time he adjusted me I felt worse than I did went I went in to see him. Five years passed and I seemed to be doing okay. Then one memorable day in May 2018 I fell victim to the irrational exuberance syndrome and attempted to swing a 100-lb. piece of concrete around, inducing severe back pain and debilitating discomfort. So I called Dr. Miller’s office, scheduled an appointment the same day, came in, let them X-ray my back and perform another assessment before he worked on me. I was very impressed with the empirical approach. He knew what to do based on his reading of my X-ray exam. I experienced immediate and measurable relief on that first visit and have been returning one day a week since then, now with my 31-year-old son who also was found to have serious spinal issues. Dr. Miller embodies a very conscientious and focused professional manner. He is entirely personable and capable and is now a valued medical presence in our lives.

– Dave P.

Dr. Larry gets me going to Face Another Day

I’ve been going to Dr. Larry since 1983; he has always been able to help me when no one else can. BJ, his wife, is terrific and so professional and pleasant. I have a nickname for Dr. Larry, I call him Magic Fingers Larry–when no one else could fix my right leg at all the hospital, Dr. Larry was there so I could walk again. I’m a disabled combat veteran from Vietnam and Dr. Larry gets me going to face another day, God Bless You and BJ.

– Mike M.

Warm and Welcoming

My wife and I have been treated by Dr.Miller for some time now and although I am familiar with the treatments she has not. We have found Dr. Miller and his lovely wife BJ to be not only warm and welcoming but professional in every way.

Dr. Miller has helped us both with his expertise and abilities, and BJ runs the most efficient health care office we have experienced.

If you think chiropractic may be the solution to your medical problem you could not make a better choice–Dr. Larry Miller.

– Richard and Patricia F.

Friendly, Convenient, and Effective

I drive over 40 minutes, passing dozens of chiropractic offices along the way, to receive the best care from Dr. Miller. Friendly atmosphere, convenient scheduling and effective treatment.  Thanks Dr. Larry and BJ!!

– Chris G.

Patient and Understanding

I have been seeing Dr. Miller for over 30 years. I had a serious bicycle accident with a head and neck injury when I was a young boy. I was taken to children’s hospital where their doctors were going to drill in my head to relieve pressure; however, they decided that was too risky.  My parents then took me to see a chiropractor, Dr. Miller. I am so grateful they did because the second vertebrae in my neck were shifted much more than normal.

After being under his care I no longer suffer from neck, low back pain and my headaches are gone.

My occupation as a mover puts a lot of stress on my entire body because of heavy lifting. I go see Dr. Miller frequently to alleviate muscle tightness and soreness in my spine. Now, I am not only able to do my job without a lot of stress, but I am able to do my exercise work outs a lot better.

Dr. Miller is very thorough in his examinations. He explains my problems to me so I can understand. He is patient and understanding and never rushes me through.

– Darin B.

Unbelievable What Dr. Miller has Done for Me

I suffered lower back and neck pain for over 30 years. I have seen many orthopedic Doctors and prescribed many medications, with no relief. A friend referred me to visit Dr. Miller a few months back and it’s unbelievable what he has done for me, I feel alive again living pain free…thank you Dr. Miller.

– Richard M.

Restored Quality of Life

I’ve been afraid of chiropractors since forever. I’ve also had a very serious neck issue for a couple decades. Recently, my neck finally said “no more.” I was in serious pain, unable to sleep lying down, unable to straighten my head up, for weeks. It was the type of pain where you can focus on nothing else. Nothing worked (pain killers, muscle relaxers, etc.) so, after a few weeks of agony, I finally heeded the call to go see a chiropractor. Both Dr. Miller and his amazing wife were very gentle and understanding of my fears. He went slowly, explaining everything he was going to do beforehand which really helped calm my nerves (no pun intended). I’ve been seeing Dr. Miller for about a month now and am virtually pain-free. I’ve seen improvements in several other issues I’d previously thought unrelated. I am a complete convert and really cannot recommend them enough. He restored my quality of life and very likely saved me from an agonizingly painful aging process. Thank you Dr. Miller!

– Jenny B.

Caring and Professional

My Doctor told me I had a pinched nerve. It was very painful for me to sleep, walk and stand for short periods of time. I tried shots, I took sleeping pills anything to help stop this pain but, nothing work. I didn’t know what to do. One of my co-workers recommended Dr. Miller to me and so, I gave him a try. That was the best decision I’ve ever made. Less than 2 months later I’m walking pain free, sleeping pain free and all without medication. I tell everybody what Dr. Miller has done for me. He and his wife are nice, caring and very professional people. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Miller to my family and friends.

– Latasha M.

Great Results!

A great big thank you to Miller chiropractic life Center, I have been in the construction business for the past 45 years. After 10 to 15 years I had back issues related to overworked muscles and heavy lifting. The old-timers at my job that had been doing this type of work for many years referred me to their chiropractor. This worked out great: after 10 to 15 years of going to chiropractic care when needed I had a bad incident at work and my boss took me to an emergency room for care. After 10 years of doing everything I was instructed to do such as years of physical therapy also refusing pain medication they wanted me to take and after years of complaining of the problem getting worse and nothing was helping I asked my doctor at the time if he thought chiropractic care would be a good ideal because it worked in the past and I have great results, I was surprised to hear him say that chiropractic care what is the cause of my situation. I didn’t know what to think, I was young still didn’t check or investigate. After 15 years now I decided to try chiropractic care again I’m so glad that I found Dr. Miller the pain is letting up I’m feeling much better and my lower back area the numbness is going away and also the feeling in my left foot is starting to come back . Do not get me wrong in emergency room is sometimes the best place to go if you’re having severe pain of any kind I’m just giving you an example of what I went through the years for lower back issues and also stomach and neck problems. I recently visited my regular doctor I explained to him what I have been doing and I’ve had 14 visits to chiropractic care to my surprise he said to me, if this is helping keep weather don’t stop do you believe that there are some physicians That believe if it works stay with it I was happy to hear that. Dr. Miller thank you again I’ll see you soon.

– Thomas B.


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