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Miller Chiropractic Life Center Testimonials

Frequent Urination

I think Dr. Miller is one of the best doctors. He has worked with me and saved me from a lot of pain.

I learned about Dr. Miller from other people who received good results. I was suffering from neck pain, back pain and lots of urinating during the night. I also had burning skin sensations and tremors.

Since getting adjusted by Dr. Miller, everything has improved. When I come in to get adjusted, depending on what my problem is at the time, the results are quick.

I would only go to Dr. Miller and recommend him to others.

– Connie L.

Couldn’t Sleep At Night

Before I came to see Dr. Miller at Miller Chiropractic Life Center, I was having neck, shoulder and back pain.

I also couldn’t sleep very well at night. My daughter suggested I give Dr. Miller’s office a call to see if he could help me. When I went to see Dr. Miller, my goal was to have more mobility and to be pain free. My daily routines were affected because of the pain and stiffness I was experiencing.

After computerized exams and x-rays, the cause of my problem was found. Within 4 visits to Dr. Miller’s office, I was seeing improvement with the problems I was having. Dr. Miller has helped me and I would recommend him to others. Dr. Miller is helping me to live with less pain and stiffness and has given me a more positive outlook.

– Donna P.

Degenerative Arthritis

I began seeing Dr. Miller after having my spine tested at a spinal screening over 20 years ago. I was having low back pain cause by arthritis and degeneration of the lower part of my spine.

Getting chiropractic adjustments for my low back is helping me stay feeling better with less pain.

– Dorothy N.

Better Quality of Life

I’ve been seeing Dr. Miller for over 25 years. I trust him to make me feel better.

My wife and I stopped in his office to see if chiropractic would help us with our health problems. I had upper back pain and stiffness, while my wife Pam had headaches, back and leg pain. Soon after we started getting adjusted, we were doing much better.

We have a better quality of life and wouldn’t see any other chiropractor.

– Gary & Pam S.

Difficult To Get Around

I found out about Dr. Miller and chiropractic from a friend who had been suffering with low back pain and got relief from getting adjusted. I had a pinched nerve in my low back which caused me to lose feeling in my legs. This problem interfered with daily life, as it became increasingly more difficult to get around.

After about 2 months, I began noticing improvements. I always had stomach problems. When I would eat spicy food, I would always have bad stomach pain. Now, I can eat spicy foods without any stomach pain. Prior to seeing Dr. Miller, I thought the pain in my lower back, numbness in my legs and difficulty in walking was going to be a fact of life.

Thanks to Dr. Miller, continuous pain which Motrin could not touch is gone. I have much improved control over my legs again.

– Gary L.

Exercise Workout Improves 100%

I had suffered with pain in my lower back, neck & right shoulder. The work I do involves building trades which includes a lot of stress both physical and mental. The pain I was having interfered with my daily activities both at home and at work.

I learned about Dr. Miller from my girlfriend, Tammy who had received great results from migraine headaches. So I started my adjustments with Dr. Miller too. Within 1 month, I had no pain in my neck, low back or shoulder. I feel Dr. Miller has helped me improve my exercise workouts 100%. Thank You.

– Jeff M.

Thank You for Making a Healthier “ME”

My father recommended that I should have my neck and back checked by Dr. Miller.

I was suffering with aching pains in my neck and back, but also I was light headed and had congestion. Routine tasks at work were difficult to perform. After Dr. Miller found out what my spinal problems were, I started getting adjusted and within 1 month noticed improvement with the problems I was having.

Other changes in my health that I noticed were, clearer sinuses, metabolism became more regular and my attitude improved.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Miller to others. Dr. Miller, thank you so much for making a healthier “ME”.

– Joseph V.


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