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Miller Chiropractic Life Center Testimonials

Much More Energy

I found out about chiropractic through my husband. I had numbness in my hands and arms. I was extremely tired. I had immobility in my neck and muscle spasms. These problems interfered with my daily routine. After seeing Dr. Miller a couple times, he had me on the road to recovery immediately. I have much more energy and am now capable of performing my daily routine and much more without aches, pains, spasms and fatigue.

Dr. Miller is an excellent chiropractor. I was seeing a chiropractor prior to Dr. Miller who didn’t help me half as much as Dr. Miller has. He really knows his stuff. I would definitely recommend Chiropractic and Dr. Miller to others.

– Barbara D.

Correct the Cause Not Just The Pain

A brother of mine told me about Chiropractic. Periodically my back would go out for no apparent reason and stiffness would persist for days afterward. Then a basketball injury jarred my back so badly. The minor occurrences caused discomfort and the big injury caused me to miss work and become totally inactive. Gradual improvement was evident from the beginning of treatment with great improvement within the first month. I seem to come out of the Chiropractor in a better state of mind just because I feel better all over.

I have not been sick since I’ve been a regular Chiropractic patient. I would definitely recommend Chiropractic to others. I would however, only suggest it to someone who was serious about sticking with it, correcting the cause, not just the pain. I followed the long term plan after my basketball injury and many people I know were very skeptical. They said that I was spending too much money for nothing.

Then, recently my back still went out. So I quickly went in for an adjustment and instantly after the adjustment my back was great. I could not bend over when I came in and I felt fine when I left. So the long term healing process did work. Dr. Miller didn’t make be bionic or superman, but he did allow my muscles and bones to become trained in their right positions. So, although I can still strain my back with abuse, it can be straightened back out easily. Chiropractic works, but you have to give it a chance!

– Scott P.

A Whole New Me

I had gone to a Chiropractor when I was a child. Now, I was suffering with headaches, tension in the neck and shoulders. I was cranky and had a very painful lower back. Because of the pain, my daily routine was very much interfered with.

After about one month of getting spinal adjustments from Dr. Miller, I am feeling better with fewer (almost never) headaches.

Yes, I would recommend Chiropractic to others. My tensions are gone and my pains fewer, it’s like having a whole new me! Ask my husband and he will tell you that I am better now than I have been in four years.

– Anita K.

Fresh Point of View

I’ve been under chiropractic care for nearly 30 years and for a variety of reasons needed to find a fresh point of view as it relates to my condition. The first visit with Dr. Miller was what I was looking for but more importantly I’m thinking it is what I need to get my back under control. The exam and initial treatment were complete and a more than fair price.

– Bruce M.

Back to an Active Life

24 hours after coming in for the first time I am feeling as limber as a newborn colt, practically personable. I’m going bungee jumping later today and also plan on engaging in an extreme group wrestling event scheduled to extend over a several day period, no boundaries apparently. Thank your for getting me in so quickly, efficiently and meaningfully. Whatever it was you did for me, it worked. I am my old hard guy self. Thanks B.J. and Larry.

– David P.

Confident In Care!

Very excited to begin care! I am confident that the Millers can help me and our family be healthy!

– Jennifer E.

Caring And Helpful!

Dr. Miller and his wife were very caring and helpful to me. I came in as a walk in because of very bad pain and they welcomed me in and immediately put together a plan to get me healthy again. Its going to be a process but I am very thankful that they have welcomed me in as a patient.

– Mike S.


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