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More Patient Testimonials

Got the Job Done

Had two chiropractors, before I went to Doctor Miller about 12 years ago, couldn’t seem to get the satisfaction I needed. After 1 treatment with Dr. Miller he got the job done. Been going to him ever since. I recommend Dr. Miller for anyone that needs chiropractic help he is the best I have ever come across.

– Richard M.

My Chiropractor for Over 30 Years!

Dr. Miller has been taking care of my chiropractic needs for over 30 years. I’ve needed chiropractic care since I was 16 years old and at age 66 he knows how to keep me on my feet and moving. He’s a great chiropractor who knows what he is doing. I am now retired up to Alpena and when I need his services I return to Waterford (250 miles away) for adjustments. You won’t go wrong choosing Dr. Miller as your chiropractor!

– Terry D.

Very Knowledgeable

Dr. Miller is the best around!! I have gone to a Chiropractor my entire life. Moved several times and had to find a new doctor. No one compares to the Dr. Miller adjusts. He is very knowledgeable and wants to help you feel the best! Not just cover up the issue with another pill. My kids have been adjusted by Dr. Miller since they were babies. They never experienced any ear aches and other things common in young children. I listen friends talk about all the medication they give their children and think, that can’t be good for your children. My kids have never had any medication. They have had a common cold or cough, but they bounce back quickly. Dr. Miller wants to you feel better naturally! I would highly recommend Dr. Miller!!

– Cindy F.

Top-Notch Chiropractor

I am a returning patient of Dr. Miller’s from over 25 years ago. I discontinued chiropractic care when I moved from Waterford, and allowed a busy work schedule to supersede my chiropractic care. BIG MISTAKE!!!! About 15 years ago, I had a fall on the ice, broke my left tibia bone which required surgery and follow-up physical therapy. Once completing therapy I thought I was ok. I was not informed that I should have acquired and continued chiropractic care after physical therapy, and did not realize the harm I did my body over the years by not being “in alignment”.

In August of 2016, while visiting my sister out of state, I made a step into her garage and experienced the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt, had to be helped back into the house and eventually to the bed. Lying down made the pain worse, so I gradually tried to put weight on my painful right leg. Actually taking steps seemed to alleviate some of the pain. A couple days later I went with my sister to her chiropractor, who did not treat me, but suggested that I see a chiropractor when I returned to MI. I immediately thought of Dr. Miller. He saw me right away, and after consultation, X-rays and an examination, I was diagnosed with a sciatic nerve problem. My first adjustment reminded me of just why I entrusted my chiropractic care to Dr. Miller 25 years ago. And, it is well worth the out of pocket sacrifices I make for him to treat me; as my insurance provider will not cover my “out of network” visits.

I can’t speak for any other patients; however, I can attest to the fact that Dr. Miller and his wife are top-notch chiropractic professionals. He is a wonderful caring, believing Christian man. And though he has never expressed it, his demeanor and Christian walk leads me to believe that he prays for every one of his patients before treatment. In addition to his chiropractic expertise, he is phenomenal in advising and suggesting natural healing techniques, which have also attributed to my overall wellbeing and quality of health. .

In conclusion, after being in Dr. Miller’s care this past year, I feel as well, if not better than I felt 25 years ago under his care. Would I recommend Dr. Miller? ABSOLUTELY, as I am a living testimony (taking 10,000+ steps EVERY DAY since August 2016), and feeling tremendously blessed and thankful that I was led back to Dr. Larry Miller’s Chiropractic Care!

– Barbara S.

Relieved My Pain

My Family and I have been going on and off to Miller Chiropractic Life since 1995. Dr. Miller has always been able to relieve the pain so that my family and I could return to our daily activities. I highly recommend Miller Chiropractic Life for any and all of your chiropractic needs.

– Joe T.

Given Me Another Choice

I would like to write a review for Dr. Miller’s Chiropractor service. I had a work injury to my lower back at the factory, while working in the foundry area back in 1992. The doctor’s tried everything from pills to physical therapy and nothing was helping with the pain. I also was told the only way I may become pain free and walk straight was to have back surgery. It was mentioned by a friend that getting my spine looked at by a Chiropractor may give me another choice.

Thank You Dr Miller!

Dr. Miller has been my Chiropractor since I moved to Waterford Area. Chiropractic adjustments have helped my Asthma, Allergies, Diabetics, Headaches and more. I would not want to live without the adjustments. Pain management should start with Chiropractic adjustments. The future in Health care should start with preventive measures. I for one will be keeping my health better through Chiropractic care first. Thank you Dr. Miller!

– Ann B.

I Took 12 Extra Strength Tylenol a Day!

I had chest pains, back pain, bad nerves, breathing problems, high blood pressure, depression, a lot of sore throats, colds, panic attacks where I would run into my bedroom and was afraid to come out. I would take up to 12 Extra Strength Tylenol a day for 4 years. I was unable to function and take care of household problems such as cleaning, going shopping, cooking meals and going out of the house.

Within a few weeks now, I can get around a lot better I no longer have high blood pressure, have only had two colds this winter, my nerves are a lot better, I have no more chest pains or depression. I feel great.

I would recommend chiropractic to others, without a doubt to all people, all ages. I can now do things I only thought about. I can clean house, work in the yard and go away from the house for hours at a time without running back to my bedroom. I love the freedom I’m feeling and the kindness from all of the staff at Dr. Miller’s office. So, if you’re in pain, it’s “Miller Time”. . . Dr. Miller that is!!

– Rosemary H.

You Name It – I Hurt

People who have been to Chiropractors told how much they had been helped. Through an advertisement, I found out about Dr. Miller and his Chiropractic office.

My health problems were that I actually was in pain all over my person. My neck hurt, my shoulders, between my shoulders, my lower back, elbows, knees. You name it, I hurt.

My movement was very restricted by so much pain. I felt bad all the time. After the first Chiropractic adjustment, I felt better and within 2 weeks, I felt good again. As a matter of fact, I had other improvements in my health. I had a bothersome cough for a long time with no medical reason. After 2 weeks, I noticed the cough was not bothering me anymore. I even breathe better now.

Most definitely, I would recommend Dr. Miller to others. I have been telling everyone about how much I have been helped. It’s wonderful to feel good again.
If I had known about how much Chiropractic helped you feel good again and relieve the pain, I would have been under Chiropractic care years ago. That is how long I’ve been in pain and getting progressively worse.

I am so glad I finally tried Chiropractic and wish everyone could feel as free of pain as I feel.

– Phyllis W.

Pain Forced Me to Sleep in a Recliner

I was having trouble with my right leg, caused by a fall off a ladder. My leg was painful, weak and at times, I would fall because my leg gave out. The leg pain increased until it got to the point where I was unable to walk. It finally got so bad that I had to sleep in a recliner chair instead of my bed.

My problems definitely interfered with my daily activities. After two years of pain, so many medical doctors, hospital stays and tests, I gave chiropractic a try. Within a short time my leg started feeling much better. I am now able to sleep in my bed at night instead of a recliner. *
I would certainly recommend chiropractic to others. Since getting treatments I am more pain-free, relaxed and able to sleep much better. Dr. Miller is the only one who has helped me.

– Janet B.

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