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Meeting the Body's Basic Needs


There are three essentials that the body needs to be healthy.

There are three essentials that the body needs to be healthy.

Is a necessary building block for growth and reproduction of all the cells and tissues of the body. Without food that lacks the necessary elements for health (for example, junk food) can cause our body to break down. As a result, we willexperience a lower level of health.


Fluids make up 75% of our body. Water is an essential element used in almost every body function and reaction. If we drink unhealthy fluids (alcohol, additives, preservatives, dyes) or not enough fluids, our body’s health will be compromised. OXYGEN

Is used in almost every body reaction and is carried by the pulmonary (lungs) and circulatory (blood) systems. Interference in these systems could halt oxygen flow and result in death. Researchers say that oxygen deprivation can cause almost anything, from fatigue to cancer. If our bodies do not get enough oxygen, we cannot function at an optimum health potential. That’s why exercising keeps us healthier; it increases oxygen intake to our cells.


Is essential for life and health and is the most commonly overlooked body element. Nerve mpulse is the electrochemical charge transmitted by the brain through the nervous system to the body. It is the life force that keeps us alive. All body function is dependent on this force, or brain impulse. If our brain stops generating these impulses, we will die. In fact, to be declared legally dead, brain impulse must cease. A compromised nerve transmission can mean ill health. If we sever a nerve in our body, the injury would interfere with that part of the body’s function. How about the nerve to the heart? Lungs? Stomach? Hand?

Would these organs and tissues function properly if the relevant nerve were severed? What happens if nerve transmission is not fully severed but interfered with and altered, not allowing the body to properly communicate with its parts? Answer: The body loses its ability to function freely and properly, and the interference reduces the body’s level of equilibrium.

We easily recognize our body’s need for food, water and oxygen because the lack of these vital elements leads to dramatic symptoms that we have learned to recognize. However, a spinal subluxation may not be as easy for us to detect. Therefore, we need to consider having regular spinal checkups by a chiropractor to be sure the spine is giving our body proper nerve integrity. Chiropractic care is a step toward a healthy lifestyle that should begin when we are born and be maintained regularly throughout our life time.

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