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To be healthy takes a lot of thought and consideration, just like the game of checkers.

To be healthy takes a lot of thought and consideration, just like the game of checkers.

A game of checkers takes a lot of thought and consideration as to which move to make next. The decision you make may result in winning or losing the game.

Every day you have to make decisions. The wrong move may cause unhappiness to yourself or others. These are the moves we all have to make for better living conditions, easier work, and fullest enjoyment of our lives. These are the luxuries we all want and can have if we can afford the price. But, the greatest luxury we can possess is good health. In  all  the  activities  of  life,  in  everything  we  do, health is an ever present consideration.

Yet few of us give any thought to the intricate functions of our bodily machinery, or do we realize the importance of the nervous system as a controlling factor. Every part of your body depends upon the nervous system to produce the power and strength to function properly. Interference with nerve transmission by a displaced vertebra somewhere in the spinal column cause one or more organs of the body to cease functioning properly. Good health results from proper regulation of body function in its nervous system. If the organ is not receiving the normal quantity of nerve power in­ side, it cannot function efficiently.

The inside power must express itself in a normal and natural manner. The important factor in maintaining that healthy, happy feeling is giving nature an opportunity to heal. All matter has a breaking point; it can withstand just so much force without breaking down. So it is with the human body. Its component parts can take just so much abuse and no more. Back of every ailment is a fundamental cause. In the correction of this cause, it is essential to utilize the method which will be most effective. The chiropractor is specially trained to locate and remove dangerous nerve pressure. He is an expert at correcting displaced vertebra and releasing nerve pressure in the spinal column. The spinal factor warrants thoughtful consideration, especially if other methods have proven ineffective.

Chiropractors offer a solution to your health problems!

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