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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Relief from the tingling, pain and numbness begins with correcting the cause problem!

It’s another sleepless night, waking up with your hands “drawn” back. By noon, your wrists hurt. By evening, your grip / is too weak to grasp a cup. Crafts and gardening aren’t so fun anymore. You’re beginning to wonder what the future holds.

The nerves in your neck control the nerves of your arms and hands. That’s why irritation anywhere along this nerve can create soft tissue swelling within the tunnel-like formation of bones in the wrist.

Is it any wonder that so many patients who experience carpal tunnel syndrome do not respond to surgery or any treatment that is directed solely at the wrist? When the source of your wrist problem is cervical nerve irritation, it is essential to correct the cervical subluxation problem first!!!

Relief from the tingling, pain and numbness begins with correcting the cause problem!

This what chiropractic care is all about, finding the underlying cause, correct it and allow your body to heal itself naturally.

Because we understand that carpal tunnel syndrome often results from an impingement of the nerves in the neck, our focus is getting to the source of your problem, rather than just treating your symptoms. Even if you don’t have any symptoms in your neck, we will need to address the health and function of those key nerves since they run down your arm and through the bones in your wrist that make up the “carpal tunnel.”

The median nerve supplies the hand and thumb, so the slightest irritation can result in numbness, tingling, pain or loss of grip strength in your hand and fingers. Irritation of the median nerve can occur when your cervical vertebrae are misaligned (subluxated), causing pressure on the nearby nerves. Your spine can become misaligned from poor posture, improper lifting, overuse (i.e., neck strain, whiplash injury), or underuse (i.e., sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise).

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Chiropractic First

It just makes sense to take the more conservative approach first: chiropractic first, drugs second and surgery last! Schedule a consultation and examination with Dr. Miller and find out what safe and natural chiropractic can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can chiropractic repair bone spurs?
    Bone spurs and other arthritic change to joints throughout the body is a common response to long-standing malfunction. While no research exists, restoring proper joint function is hoped to at least slow this degenerative process.
  • Does cracking your knuckles cause damage?
    Limited studies suggest that knuckle cracking does not damage the metacarpal joints of the hand. While there may be danger of overextending already loose knuckle joints, adding motion to these or other joints of the body is best left to an experienced chiropractor.
  • Is it okay to wear a wrist brace?
    A brace is often prescribed to help protect the wrist and reduce mobility. While it may alleviate certain symptoms, it virtually ignores the malfunctioning joints causing the problem. The chiropractic approach is to help restore proper motion to affected joints and strengthen supporting muscles and soft tissues. While this may require some type of ongoing supportive care, many patients are able to resume their activities without bracing.

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