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"I thought it would go away"

No, it won't

No, it won’t “go away” without help. And the longer help is delayed, the longer it will take for the body to begin its self-healing process.

To me. as a doctor, the saddest words in any language are “I thought it would go away.” I hear it all too often, usually spoken by a patient who has come to the clinic with a condition that has existed, and developed, for YEARS, and that now is causing such pain and discomfort that the patient’s life is all but unbearable.

It might have started with a slight numbness or tingling in the arms or feet. It might have begun with an occasional twinge of low-back pain. It might first have been noticed as’ a “stiff neck.” Whatever its beginnings, it was a MESSAGE from the body, an early-warning bell that something was wrong.

The nervous system is a marvelously complex arrangement that carries electrical impulses — messages — from the brain through the spinal cord to all parts of the body. Sometimes messages come back to the brain, and are conveyed to the “conscious mind”, relating that something isn’t functioning correctly. The most common translation of this message is pain, and it should never be ignored. It is a SYMPTOM.

There are many drugs and potions available that will, indeed, make the SYMPTOM go away . . . temporarily. But the CAUSE won’t go away just because the pain has been masked! In order for the CAUSE to go away, something must be done to restore the unhampered flow of nerve energy to that malfunctioning part of the body that sent that first small message for help.

What happens usually is that overtime — occasionally it takes years — the untreated CAUSE of the problem gathers reinforcements until the message does get through: “If I’m ignored any longer, you will become seriously ill or disabled … or you may even die.”

Chiropractic care, at whatever stage, can help the process to begin. Sometimes, though, when I give diagnostic tests. I am saddened once again. I know I am looking at a patient whose health once could have been restored quickly, but who now may never be at full capability. I’m looking at a patient who received that warning signal a long time ago — but who thought it would go away.

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