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How To Battle Back Pain

Having back and leg pain can bring life to a standstill.

Having back and leg pain can bring life to a standstill.

There are five primary reasons for back problems — lack of regular exercise, improper lifting, sleeping in bad beds, sitting in poor furniture, and riding in poor car seats. Another reason for back pains is the style of shoes we wear. Incorrect shoes affect the feet and legs, which are attached to the pelvis, which is the foundation of the spine. Improper shoes will enhance misalignments (subluxations) of the spine, causing pain. For Dr. Miller to locate the exact cause of back pain, he has to uncover precisely what the cause is.

Your nervous system extends to and energizes every organ, tissue, and living cell in your body. The nervous system regulates and controls all other systems of your body. To get an idea of how delicate your nerve system is, we must realize that approximately 300,000 nerve fibers pass through each small opening of the spine traveling from the brain to all body parts. When a misalignment of a vertebra occurs, the small openings of the spine are partially closed and will interfere with the regular nerve impulse pattern. The result is “pinching,” which can cause the patient, significant pain, and, if not relieved, can cause severe disability.

A misaligned vertebra can cause problems in any part of the body. A fall or injury can cause pinched nerves as well as stress, strains, or improper lifting. Chemical and emotional shocks may overload the nervous system’s protective mechanism and also produce pinched nerves. Dr. Miller is a specialist in dealing with these situations. He starts with a full and thorough examination of your spine and vertebrae. He’ll be looking for spinal misalignments (subluxations) and will then correct these misalignments through painless and quick adjustments. That allows the body to restore itself to health.

Prevention is the key to avoiding back problems.

If you’re not feeling right, see Dr. Miller today so you can feel better tomorrow.

Should a strain or spinal injury occur, consult your chiropractor immediately. He is a skilled specialist and will correct the problem to allow your body to return itself to a state of health.

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