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"How long will it take to get well, Doc?"

“How long will it take to get well, Doc?”

Almost every  patient  who  visits  the  Miller  Chiropractic  Life  Center  asks the same question. “How long will it take to get well, Doc?” In almost  every  case  it  is  nearly  impossible  to  predict  an  exact  day,  week, or  month  time  element  for correction  or health restoration.   While your chiropractor may  give  you  an  estimate  of  the  time  necessary  for  recovery, this estimate is based on past experience and no two cases are exactly alike.

In   fact,  two  cases  which  may  present  similar  symptoms  might  have underlying  disturbances  which are as different  as  night  and  day.   Consequently,  the  time  element  to  correct  the  disorders  will  differ  greatly  because it is dependent upon many complex factors.  For example,  a  muscle  strain  would  require  less  time  for  recovery  than  a”slipped disc.” Time would be a great factor in an ulcer case, as compared to a case of relatively minor indigestion.

Time, as you can see, is a major factor in all things.  Your chiropractor has all of these factors in mind when he examines you and observes your  case  through the necessary  recovery  period.  His major in­terest is to correct the cause of your   condition, thus allowing  nature tore store your body through stages to the ultimate goal —good health.  Your chiropractor  is  interested  in  not  only  restoring  your  health,  but  also  in maintaining it.

If you want good health, then you have to work for it.  If  you are nervous, why take health-destroying tranquilizers  instead  of finding out why  you  are  nervous?  If you are suffering from headaches, why take aspirin  instead  of  searching  for  the  cause  of  the  pains?  Drugs are only artificial methods of covering up symptoms.  They do not restore health.  Health requires maintenance and good health can best be experienced through natural methods.  Chiropractic is devoted to the maintenance of your good health through those natural methods.

It is an indisputable fact that chiropractic patients are healthier people.  Chiropractic is  not  a  health  system  limited  to  neck  pains  and  backaches—it  is a way of life!

Chiropractors offer a solution to your health problems!

Call today and discover the change chiropractic can bring!

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