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How Long before I Feel Better?

How log before you feel better depends on 3 key factors.

How log before you feel better depends on 3 key factors.

Your chiropractor is interested in the master control system of your body, the nervous system. While there is interference in your nerve system, the body cannot get the proper impulses from the brain to repair your problem. You see, it’s the body’s job to heal and repair itself.

Your brain is very capable of sending the right impulses to your muscles, tissues and glands to allow them to repair your situation. When you have a misalignment of a spinal vertebra, you interfere with the communication between the brain and the rest of the body. RESULT? The body does not heal the problem as it should.

With a chiropractic adjustment the pressure is removed from the spinal cord, and proper communication is reestablished between the brain and the body. Now this is just the FIRST step. With the proper impulses now being transmitted, the body goes into action to heal the muscle, tissue or gland involved.

So the time it takes before you’re well, depends on these factors:

(1) How long the nerve interference has been present.

(2) How much physical damage has been done.

(3) The quality of your general health. (Do you get the proper rest, exercise & nutrition?) Be assured of this, the living body has a tremendous capacity to heal itself.  Keep your spinal cord free of pressure and watch your body go to work!

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