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Headaches? There is Help!


Headaches are a common health problem. Many people, thinking headaches are

Headaches are a common health problem. Many people, thinking headaches are “normal,” have learned to live with them.

In reality, many recurring headaches are not normal, and they rob lives of quality and vitality.

An amazing number of workdays are lost because of head­ aches. American  industries  lose  an  estimated  $50  billion  per year,  collectively,  due  to  absenteeism  and  medical  expenses caused by headaches. Migraine sufferers, who lose more than 157 million workdays each year, have headaches that last from a few hours to a few days.  Most sufferers have one to four attacks per month. Below are a few statistics about statistics:

⦁$4 billion are spent annually on over-the-counter pain relievers for headaches. Many are ineffective for the headache sufferer, reports the National Headache Foundation.

A study of 6,000 people suffering from recurring headaches from 2 to 25 years showed that spinal injury was the most important factor in the cause and should be suspected in every nonspecific case of headaches.

⦁Some  98  percent  of  patients  suffering  from  migraines experienced  immediate  relief  through  chiropractic  care. Another study found overwhelming  improvement  in headaches when spinal adjustments were performed.

Chiropractors offer a solution to your health problems!

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