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Fascinating Health Facts

Fascinating health facts you may not have known about.

Fascinating health facts you may not have known about.

• There are 127 accredited medical schools in the United States and 95 of them do not require courses in nutrition. The  average  U.S. physician’s  course  work  in  nutrition  during  four  years  of  medical school  is  2.5  hours.  Some 74 percent of first-year medical school students consider nutrition to be important in their future careers. After two years of medical school, only 13 percent still considered nutrition important.

• Antibiotics  have no effect on viruses.  Four billion antibiotic prescriptions are written by U.S. doctors for cold viruses annually.

• Hospitals are breeding grounds for many antibiotic-resistant bacteria today. The number of Americans who die each year from infections they pick up in a hospital is four times greater than the number of individuals who die in automobile accidents.

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