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FACTS ... About Your Health

FACT…  The nervous system is the mechanism involved in the correlation and integration of body functions including respiration, circulation, digestion, and the senses.  In response to signals from both inside and outside the body, the nervous system coordinates all the body’s activities, every thought, every emotion, every motion we make, as well as our adjustment to our environment.

FACT…  Structural disorders of the spine occur with great frequency through falls,  strains, sudden twists of the neck and back, automobile accidents,  near accidents,  poor posture, athletic injuries, occupational strain, blows on the neck, back, shoulders, or head, lifting, reaching, even the physical and emotional stress of everyday living and activity.

FACT…  Subluxations or misalignments, fixations, and displacements of the vertebrae in the spinal column interfere with the normal transmission and expression of nerve impulses within the nervous system.  It is analogous to a short circuit in a highly complex electrical or computer system.  As a result, body functions may abnormally increase, such as increases stomach acid or rapid heart beat or decrease in numbness of the hands, resistance will be lowered allowing the body to become more susceptible to organic, bacterial or viral diseases.  In fact, a wide range of disorders and diseases may develop directly or indirectly from the effect of displacement of the spinal segments.

FACT…  Nine out of ten people do not know when they have misaligned vertebrae in the spine.

FACT…  Todays doctor of chiropractic is well trained and highly skilled in the field of detecting and correcting spinal problems that may be interfering with normal function of your nerve system robbing you of vitality and health.

FACT…  Periodic check-ups and spinal adjustments, as recommended by your doctor of chiropractic will locate and correct ‘short circuits’ within your nerve system in the early stages before disability and illness occur.

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