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Environmental Effects

When God created the world,

When God created the world, “it was good” and properly balanced. However, man in his “wisdom” decided to “improve” things to make his life easier and more comfortable.

Ecology, environment and pollution are important words to remember. Everyone is or should be talking about them – the young, the old, the rich, the poor, educators and government officials. It is a “balance of nature” and the proper relationship and interaction of all elements of our natural world.

His philosophy was “what difference does it make? There is always more of everything – land, animals, water and other resources.  Let the future worry about any problems.”  This has proven disastrous.

The future has  arrived  now  and  time  is  running  out  on  maintaining  the  balance!  Man  is  beginning  to realize that  his heavy  hand  on  the  delicate  balance  wheel  of  nature  is  creating  a  terrifying,  nearly  irreversible  nightmare. Pharmaceutical  chemicals,  poisons  and  additives,  as  well  as  countless  waste  products  of  our  fast  paced  modem society, not only pollute the air, water and the earth but also our own bloodstreams. Pollution of the environment cannot be cleaned up directly by the individual for it will require billions of dollars to undo the harm which now affects us and unborn generations to come. However, you can stop the major cause of blood pollution which is the drugs and chemicals we deliberately ingest.

Your body depends on your bloodstream for nourishment, purification and protection, and what you eat, drinks, or “take” makes up your bloodstream. Many  of  us  still  “pop”  aspirins,  tranquilizers,  pills  for  happy  living,  pills  to prevent birth, pills for every possible condition to the tune of billions of dollars annually. As if this wasn’t enough some of us insist on polluting our bodies further with cigarettes, alcohol and other “bad habits.” These drugs add foreign substances to the bloodstream and complicate the natural healing processes of our bodies. They do little, if anything, to help heal the body.

Natural health can only be achieved by drinking pure water, free from all chemicals, eating as much organically – grown foods and by keeping your all-important nervous system working properly.

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