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WHY:   Chiropractic deals primarily and specifically with the nerve system because the nerve system is the most important of all the nine systems of the body.  If there is any interference with the proper functioning of the nerve system from brain cell to tissue cell, then that area of the body supplied by that nerve will be affected.  Nerve energy to a particular organ is likewise reduced when a nerve becomes “blocked”.  Eventually, sometimes very quickly, that organ or body part gets into some kind of difficulty.  Dr. Miller is properly trained and skilled with over 35 years in locating the source of nerve interference and then by proper adjustment, removing the cause of it, allowing your body to function normally again.

WHEN:  One is never too young or too old for that matter, to achieve good health through chiropractic.  In the case of children, it is very important that they receive a chiropractic examination at a very early age, for even in the crib and in their play,  they constantly subject themselves to many kinds of bodily stress and strain creating pressure on nerves which must be removed.  If left undetected, this can and often does. cause trouble in later years.  For older people who have never experienced the benefits of chiropractic … The time is NOW.

HOW OFTEN?  This is rather difficult question, as no two people are alike.  No two spines are alike.  If, for instance, you do have a problem, the speed of recovery will depend on several factors:  first, how much damage has been done; second, your age; third, the length of time you have had the problem; fourth, if nerve interference can be removed; fifth, your cooperation with Dr. Miller. Every effort should be made to maintain a regular schedule of chiropractic “check ups”, for a happier more healthier life.

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