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Building Health

Working and building on new house project

We must put together the building blocks of health which includes a properly functioning nerve system.

We all know the skull protects the brain, but we may not be quite as aware that the spinal cord and spinal nerves are protected by the spinal column (comprised of 24 vertebrae). Even minor misalignments of the vertebrae cause nerve interference that undermines the body’s message system from the brain to the body.

These misalignments are called vertebral subluxations, and they interfere with the functions of the nervous system, which reduces the body’s healing capability. Doctors of chiropractic go through a rigorous educational curriculum to detect and correct vertebral subluxations and understand how they affect health.

Chiropractors never cured anyone of anything, and they do not treat anybody with anything. They assist the body in functioning at its optimum potential so that the “doctor” inside all of us can do the healing. Health is not bought; it is achieved.

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