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Basic Chiropractic 101

Chiropractic gives you that Healthy-Happy-Feeling naturally.  See how....

Chiropractic gives you that Healthy-Happy-Feeling naturally. See how….

Chiropractic is based on the natural, inborn laws of the body. It’s as natural as the sun rising and setting every single day.

The brain is the master controller of all functions in our body. It directs every muscle, tissue and gland to do every single thing our body is supposed to do – every moment of every day. The  brain communicates with the body through the spinal  cord,  which  is  where  nerves originate  and  branch  out  just  like  roots from  a  tree.

Every muscle, tissue and gland is integrally plugged into what we call the central nervous system. Our life force  (nerve  flow)  travels  through  this system,  providing  the  body  with  the ability to  function at its optimum level. The  spinal  column,  which  protects  this core  system,  must  be  in  proper  bio­ mechanical  alignment  to  allow  the nerves free and clear access to all corners of the body.

A doctor of chiropractic specializes in finding misalignments in the spine because, no matter how simple or severe they may be, misalignments put pressure on nerves, thus interfering with proper nerve   interference will cause your body to function at levels below your optimum.

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