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Are We Becoming Dependent?

Our society has accepted sickness as a normal condition.  We are told we have “normal” menstrual cramps, “everybody” has sinus trouble and because of these and many more conditions medical science has concocted many pills, potions and prescriptions to rid the body of uncomfortable symptoms when sickness appears.  Never before have so many people taken so many different pills and potions for so many different reasons:  pills for sleeping and pills for staying awake; pills to excite you and pills to calm you down; pills to lose weight others to gain weight; pills for everything from birth to death.  “Relief is just and instant away” is the message T.V. , radio, magazines and social media bombards us with day and night with their drug messages.  Their marketing strategy is as varied as the pills of every size, color, coating and speed of action.

As a nation, we are becoming dependent upon innocent – sounding pills which have taken our national drug bill into a multi-plus billion dollar figure.  Generation after generation  we have been taught that symptoms are “the bad guys” and the thing to do when they are present, is to take something to get rid of them.  Every year , we spend more and more money on drugs trying to get rid of symptoms and yet each and every year our people get sicker and sicker.  Sometimes without even knowing it.  Do you really believe that we are born onto this earth to go through life getting progressively sicker as we go, only to end up a senior citizen so riddled with sickness and disease that we use the rest of our time spending the fruits of our labors trying to buy back that which we had in the beginning…..OUR HEALTH.  I hope by now you are asking yourself why?

The answer is quite simple…..These “normal” symptoms that we’ve been talking about are not your problem at all.  The real problem that you should be concerned with is what is causing those symptoms.  When we begin to realize this and start looking for the cause of sickness and disease, we will have taken the first step on the journey to good health.  Sickness or dis-ease is caused when the vital nerve impulses flow freely from the brain to all parts of the body, thereby allowing the body to heal itself.  Chiropractic adjustments  help remove these nerve interferences by allowing our bodies to come to a healthy balance.



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