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America Has Become "Symptom Conscious"

The common misnomer is that many  people believe once a  symptom is covered the cause is cured.

The common misnomer is that many people believe once a symptom is covered the cause is cured.

There is  a  common  fallacy  that  our number one health problem in America is cancer;  heart  disease,  or a host of other maladies.  Rightfully so we become alarmed at the growing number of people afflicted with these terrible diseases.

America today has become “symptom conscious” most often treating disease and afflictions with different pills, potions and lotions  The common misnomer is that many  people believe once a  symptom is covered the cause is cured.  This brings us to the Chiropractic principle.

Life exists in the human body and uses the brain as its headquarters and power plant. The brain generates powerful life giving energy sending it down the spinal cord, which is housed by the spinal column or backbone, and out the spinal nerves to all parts of the body.

These life-giving nerve impulses supply the energy required by the body to carry on its normal functional activities.

The body can function properly and will be healthy if its nerve channels are free and unobstructed. However, if the flow of this powerful, intelligent nerve force is altered, either in quantity or quality, by physical obstruction or negative mental interference, disharmony, imperfection and disease are the inevitable results. Pain is the body’s way of letting us know that all is not well.

Chiropractic maintains the balance we so very much need in our daily lives. The goal is not in temporary relief, but rather permanent health. The proper orientation is in correction of the problem.  Though relief is the desirable outcome, the problem will occur again and again unless it is corrected.

Chiropractors offer a solution to your health problems!

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