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About Shoulder Pain


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The shoulder joint, like other body joints, also can become injured. Pain is nature’s warning something has gone wrong.

The Shoulder Joint

The shoulder joint has excellent mobility — perhaps the greatest range of motion in any joint of the body. For that reason, the shoulder is subject to considerable trauma. Forceful exercise, rheumatism, bursitis, sprains, occupational stress, postural defects — any of these can cause shoulder pain.

Pain is Nature’s Warning

Pain is nature’s warning something has gone wrong. Pain signals are caused by sensory nerve stimulation. The network of nerves coordinating the movement of the shoulder and arms is called the brachial plexus. The brachial plexus sends nerve energy from the brain, through the spinal column to the shoulder muscles.

Shoulder Joint Injuries

The shoulder joint, like other body joints, also can become injured. A strained or torn tendon, resulting from a fall or unusual strain, is a frequent type of shoulder injury. Such injuries can produce a spinal misalignment called a subluxation.

Subluxation and Chiropractic

The brain produces electrical impulses of energy continually, generating power to muscles and organs. A vertebral misalignment irritates the nerve, which distorts these impulses. Without the healthy supply of nerve energy, sprains or torn muscles cannot heal. Dr. Miller at Waterford’s “Top” Chiropractor is trained to locate subluxations and to relieve pressure on nerves.

Shoulder Pain and Spinal Adjustments

Inflammation and pressure resulting from subluxations are relieved by spinal adjustments. Adjustments restore the normal energy impulses, allowing nature’s healing process to proceed. Gradually, the shoulder pains subside.

See Dr. Miller When Pain Begins

Immediate attention to shoulder pain can prevent secondary complications; statistics show early chiropractic care helps ensure favorable results. Don’t cover up your pain with pills, potions, and lotions. Consult Waterford’s “Top” Chiropractor when shoulder pain begins.

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