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A Long and Vital Life

8 Easy steps to a long and vital life.

8 Easy steps to a long and vital life.

Minimize the Stress. Before adding more things to our lives we must give thought to shedding some of the work load. Stress is a killer of life and vitality. Find ways to minimize it, whether through relaxation techniques, changing jobs or playing more.

Feed the mind and Soul. Many psychological and social factors may either shorten or lengthen our lives. Getting enough sleep, having a sense of humor, developing a spiritual life, building long-term relationships with people, attending cultural events, and owning a pet have all been associated with extending life expectancy.

Don’t Overindulge. Many times increased vitality can be felt immediately by reducing over­ indulgence in alcohol, caffeine beverages, junk food, candy and a heavy, high-fat diet.

Exercise the Body. For many people, exercising is not fun and it’s hard to exercise consistently with a busy lifestyle. A fitness plan does not have to be elaborate to produce health benefits. Even a daily 30-minute walk has been shown to improve health.

Exercise the Brain. Staying mentally sharp is just as important as staying physically fit. Challenge the mind with new experiences, such as traveling, reading and being creative.

Eat a natural Diet with Plenty of fruits and Vegetables. Fresh foods contain higher levels of vitamins than do processed (boxed, canned, or frozen) foods.

Have a Purpose in Life. Long-lived individuals often feel they mission or special purpose in life. Never stop learning, working promote.

Maximize Nervous System Function. Be sure the life and vitality flowing from the brain through the spinal column and nervous system are free of interference. Clear the way through chiropractic for the messages necessary for all organs, tissues, immune and other systems to work properly. Maximum nervous system function helps integrate other important health factors including proper rest, exercise, a nutritious diet and a good mental attitude.

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