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5 Keys For the Flu

For the thousands who sit at home with sick children or family members just counting down the days until you feel better. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, or “What can I do to help myself?”

Following are self-care tips for preventing or coping with the flu:

Learn the 5 keys to getting  over the flu faster.

Learn the 5 keys to getting over the flu faster.

1. Be a Bad Host. No flu can take residence in your body unless you welcome it. In other words, you’re more likely to  get  the  flu  if  you  let  your  immune  system  and  body become weakened to the point that it cannot cope with the virus.

2.  Go With Garlic.  Garlic  has  proven  immune- strengthening,  antiviral  properties,  but  only  when  eaten raw,  according  to  many  natural  health  practitioners. Cooking apparently destroys one of the herb’s principal active ingredients, the compound allicin.

3.  Sweat It Out.  Many people automatically take aspirin at the first sign of the slightest fever, however the body mounts a fever for a good reason: to fight invading organisms.

4. Let It Flow. The mucus the body produces is to flush out viruses and bacteria. Taking over-the-counter antihistamines to dry a stuffy nose can actually prolong the flow. Try avoiding mucus producing foods such as dairy products.

5. Maximum Nervous and Immune System Function. The nervous system controls the immune system. Therefore, regular chiropractic maintenance care is an excellent way to ensure proper nervous system function for a healthy immune system.  Chiropractic  care  can  help prevent  the  flu  by  keeping  all  body  systems  strong.  Or, when the flu hits, chiropractic care helps the body fight it off as quickly as possible.

Suggestions to Build a Strong Immune System

• Eat a well-balanced diet, including lots of live foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

• Limit intake of sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

• Exercise regularly.

• Get plenty of sleep.

• Avoid stress triggers (situations you know will cause aggravation).

• Maintain a healthy nervous system through regular chiropractic care.

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