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What to Expect at Miller Chiropractic Life Center

Waterford chiropractic office at Miller Chiropractic Life Center

Welcome to Your First Visit

After a friendly greeting and taking care of any necessary paperwork, you’ll be guided to our consultation room. You’ll get to meet Dr. Miller and discuss what brought you in.

“I’ll explain how chiropractic care works and how our goal is to help you heal from above, down, and inside-out! This way, you can live your best life.”

Next it’s time for your examination, which will include:

  • Posture Screen to examine your posture. read more»
  • Computerized Surface EMG screening to look at the muscles surrounding your spine to see how balanced the muscles are. read more»
  • A Thermal scan to see how your nervous system is working. read more»
  • X-rays to understand what you look like structurally. read more»

Then it’s time for your first adjustment so that you can begin to heal and experience some relief.

You can expect to spend between 45-60 minutes with us on your first visit.

Your Second Visit

Usually, we ask that you come back two days after your first visit. At this time we will discuss a full written report of what we found on your scans and X-rays.

We’ll also give you a copy of all your scans along with a detailed report of what we found, how long it will take to heal and exactly what you can expect.

Maintenance is the Easiest Type of Care

It’s always easier to prevent an injury than to heal from one. So, we suggest that once you’ve healed and found health, that you visit us two to four times a month to maintain your best health. “An ounce of prevention is worth it…”

We enjoy connecting and educating patients like you through social media, email newsletters, weekly handouts, testimonials and videos playing in our office.

Become a part of our practice-family!

Call today so we can help you unveil an even better life! (248) 674-7300